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A Wandering Scribbler is a resource for creative travelers: lovers of stationery, art, and books, focusing on Japan.

1. Stationery and Journalling

The best stationery, planners, and supplies, and how to document your travels, spark creativity, or plan ahead.

2. Literary Travel

Inviting bookstores, settings from great novels, and creative locations to delight your literary side.

3. Japan

All that I’ve learned and compiled while living in Japan and traveling around the country.

Family in Okinawa
Hobonichi Techo
Japanese Books

All About Japan

A Very Basic Guide to Japanese
How to celebrate Christmas in Japan
Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

Planner Buying Guides

Guide to Hobonichi Techo
Kokuyo Jibun Techo
Guide to Traveler's Company Traveler's Notebooks
Mackenzie Jervis

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a writer and traveler currently living in Japan with her husband, son, and daughter. She loves stationery, hygge, the mountains, British TV, crime dramas, and chai lattes.   

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Hygge Gift Ideas

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Gifts for Stationery Addicts

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