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A Wandering Scribbler is a bookish travel blog all about, stationery, cozy coffee shops, and literary activities, mostly in Japan.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling or living in a new place is to find the bookstores, cozy coffee shops, museums, and anywhere that might have shown up in a novel.

I decided to share my interest with others who also love living the literary life, finding great stationery, journaling, and planning a creative and travel-filled life.

Mackenzie Jervis

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More About Mackenzie

I grew up near Buffalo, New York but since graduating high school I’ve spent most of my time elsewhere. I’ve traveled to over 65 countries and lived on 3 continents. I now live in Toyko, Japan with my husband, son, and daughter.  

I’ve spent most of my life learning to write. Well, creatively write. I mastered writing in English some time in elementary school. (There’s actually a funny story from Norway where an acquaintance thought I was in my 20s and hadn’t yet learned to write. Talk about lost in translation). After learning to write, I’ve learned how to craft stories: getting BAs in English and Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and then my MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University.

Beyond writing and reading, I love the outdoors and have made a goal to climb to the highest point in any place I live (Texas was easy), or visit (Kilimanjaro was more challenging). I also love shopping at IKEA, running, and watching crime shows.


I Have:

  • Summited Kilimanjaro
  • Took overnight trains in Russia
  • Cruised around the Caribbean
  • Learned to SCUBA dive in Australia
  • Searched for Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico
  • Explored the Peruvian Andes
  • Went Island hopping in Croatia
  • Studied at Charles University in Prague
  • Road Tripped around Ireland
  • Worked in a hostel in New Zealand
  • Hiked in the Italian Alps
  • Visited Ancient Ruins in Mexico
  • Kayaked in Montenegro
  • And More!

Together We Have:

  • Hiked the Italian Alps
  • Rode Camels in Morocco
  • Cruised the Seine in Paris
  • Attended High Tea in London
  • Played on the beach in Grand Cayman
  • Ate our way around Tokyo
  • Soaked in Hot Springs in Iceland
  • Rode kiddie trains around Montmartre
  • Napped through the Chunnel
  • Took overnight ferries in Baltic
  • Ate our way around Epcot
  • Watched hockey in Finland
  • Explored Gamla Stan in Stockholm
  • And More!