Traveling with kids usually means tons of extra “stuff.”  You don’t want to be weighed down by even more camera gear and accessories.

I’ve put together this guide of essentials, a few extras to get you started, and some alternative options.

Like any of the packing lists or “what’s in my bags” that I’ve done on this site, it’s really a mixture of my need to organize my own things, my love for seeing what people have, and of course, hoping to help you become more organized.  I love to go to other blogs and see what they take on their travels, what camera gear they have, or what they use at home.


Family Travel Camera Gear Guide


Camera Gear Guide, Camera Backpack

Wright Gears Camera Backpack

I got this bag as a gift from Steve’s coworkers after I had Andrew.  I’ve never had an actual camera bag before, only ever throwing m gear into a normal backpack or duffel bag and hoping they don’t all break each other while I’m running around. This though, is a perfect mixture of safe camera compartments and bag I would actually carry around.

Most bags that I see look nerdy or just too big and bulky.  I wanted a pared-down version that would protect my equipment without screaming to the world it’s full of expensive gear.  I’m pretty impressed with the choice they made because I’m pretty picky when it comes to things I’m wearing or carrying so for me to like this is a feat.

Other Options:

Canvas Shoulder Bag

Waterproof Camera Backpack

Canvas Camera Backpack



This is definitely on the heavier side and not essential.  If I want to pare down the weight I don’t bring this camera.  But, it really has great quality so I often find myself sneaking it in anyway.

Canon G7X

This is another option for a smaller camera with still good quality.  This is an easy point and shoot that takes great videos and can be tucked in a pocket.

Go Pro

This is definitely an expensive piece of equipment but I think because it’s so small and because it can capture amazing, in the moment shots of your family’s adventures, it’s a great addition to any traveling family.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

To be honest, I don’t always have the option to carry my DSLR. Sometimes I just don’t have enough hands. Sometimes I didn’t really expect to take photos. The new iPhones have amazing cameras, but really, the best camera out there is the one you’re carrying with you.

Other options:

Canon Rebel T7

Canon PowerShot SX720

Sony DSC- RX100 VI


canon 75-300mm

Canon EF 75-300mm Lens

Canon 18-55mm Lens

Canon 55mm

Other Options:

Canon EF 55-200 mm Lens

This is the lens that’s on my camera 95% of the time. I thought I would hate it because it’s a fixed lens, but I really don’t. It’s perfect for me, between taking photos of stationery on my dining room table or taking portraits of my kids, or even landscapes of the mountains in Japan.


Sometimes you need a hand.  While I don’t carry around a large tripod everywhere I go, if I’m traveling locally and can just throw it in the back of the car I definitely bring it.  If I’m traveling further away, I’ll bring the Gorillla Pod.  This helps if I’m traveling alone and need to set a timer for family photos, or I just need some stabilization with a wiggly child.

Gorilla Pod

This is a sturdy little thing that can be used in a variety of ways. I love it from the portability and ease of use. It’s also great for angled shots for video.

Neewer Tripod

This is a really great tripod that has plenty of functionality. I mostly got it for overhead filming because of the extendable arm but it is so sturdy, durable, and multi-functional. I would definitely recommend. But if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, try the Amazon basics Tripod.

Neewer Timer

This is great for capturing long exposure shots or time lapses.  Definitely on the unnecessary side but it’s small and pretty inexpensive if you’re looking to add more tech to your collection.

Camera Remote

Like I said, sometimes I need to outsource family photos to a tripod.  A remote helps me take the pictures while striking a pose— or more likely trying to keep a baby looking semi at the camera.

Hard Drive

While I try to keep my gear to a minimum while traveling I never go anywhere without a Hard Drive.  Not only do I use it for storing and organizing photos, but if I’m working on the road (and I usually am) I can keep my laptop storage free and not worry about deleting important things while adventuring.

Memory Cards

So, so many of these.  Really.  These are so tiny there’s no reason you shouldn’t have plenty of these.  This way you never run out of space.

While I have a long way to go in the camera gear department as far as range and truly professional gear, I do think this is a pretty nice setup.  I like that it’s minimalistic but still functional and covers many bases that I want when I’m out in the world.

I mean… No one wants to carry around 50 pounds of gear especially when your kid already needs plenty of stuff.

Do you have a list of your camera equipment? Share it with me so I can see your gear!

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