Trying to find the best gifts for book lovers in your life? Of course, the easiest—and perhaps most obvious—route is to buy them a book, whether that’s one of the buzziest reads of 2021 or possibly a classic novel they’ve been meaning to read. But if the person on your list already has plenty to read on their nightstand, you might be looking for something a little different.

So, what do you get as a gift for a bookworm? Of course, you could sign an avid reader up for a book subscription box (and I do recommend a few unique ones), but I think opting for a unique present that highlights their favorite pastime is the best idea. Think cozy throws and pillows for their reading nook, scarves, and sweatshirts that proudly proclaim their favorite novel, adorable accessories from Etsy that’ll add some flair to their shelves, and ways to personalize the books on their shelves.

My list of the gift ideas for book lovers—that aren’t books, mostly—will delight every bibliophile, no matter the genre they prefer. (The best part, though? Many of the items are extremely affordable, with some under $10 and $20, so they’re great for birthdays, holidays, or just because!)


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Gifts for Book Lovers

Book lovers gifts

100 Books Scratch Off Poster


From classics like James and the Giant Peach and Wuthering Heights, to works of contemporary fiction like The Hunger Games and American Psycho, this iconic books scratch-off poster challenges you to read your way through them all. 

Book lovers gift

1000 Books to Read Before You Die

James Mustich

Covering various genres from history, to travel writing, to fiction and memoirs, this book comes filled with a 1,000 must-read stories to add to your library. Find Jane Austen novels, to contemporary works of fiction your book lover will love to add to their book club.

gift ideas book lovers

Hand Stamped Book Mark

Geeks Bearing Gifts

This eccentric bookmark comes with a message that every book lover will find incredibly relatable. 

best gifts book lovers

Personalized Book Stamp

Stamp By Me Studio

With this custom library stamp like “From the library of,” the bookworm in your life will never have to worry about lending their books out again. 

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gifts for book readers

Personalized Book Embosser

Emily Craft Studios

As an alternative to the stamp above, this stainless steel embosser and engraved brass plate, allows you to stamp your books with a custom monogram of your choosing.

book lovers gift ideas

Book Page Holder


Holding open pages is annoying, and this book page holder is a game-changer for those who refuse to read on tablets. 

gifts for book lovers amazon

Reading Light


Thanks to a clip-on feature, this gadget is both a bookmark and a reading light with three adjustable brightness levels. Great for travel or reading at night, the wireless, USB rechargeable battery will keep it on for hours. 

book lovers presents

Book Sleeve

Keeper Scraps

Made with premium cotton, this padded book sleeve helps to protect your book, journal, or even kindle from getting bent, scratched, or bumped around in your bag or purse. 

book lovers christmas gifts

Personal Library Kit

Knock Knock Store

Your loved one will never have to worry about lending out their books again when they have their own personal library kit. 

book lovers things

Bathtub Caddy with Book Stand

Homemaid Living

Adjustable to most tubs, this rack carves out space for reading-adjacent essentials like a wine glass, a candle, or your phone. 

book gift guide

Kindle Paperwhite


Not all readers are into tablets, but if they’re willing to give one a try, the Kindle Paperwhite is definitely one of the best. With a realistic paper screen that doesn’t glare or cause eyestrain it’s the one electonric device I would really want to read on. Plus it’s great for travel.

books for book lovers

Kindle Unlimited Membership



Kindle unlimited gets you access to over 1 million ebooks. You also get unlimited listening to thousands of ebooks. The great thing is, you don’t need a kindle to have access. You can read from your tablet, phone, or computer, anything that can get the kindle app or access the internet. 

book for book lovers

Amazon Gift Card


You choose the amount, they choose the book.  Or Anything else from this list.

book gift guide

Audible Gift Card


Same idea but for the readers who prefer to listen.  You can gift 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. If you’ve never tried audible before, you can sign up for the free trial to see if it’d be a good gift.  Try it free Here.

Luxury Gifts for Book Lovers

Airpod Pros


Close took it to another level and purchased a pair of AirPods Pro, which are beloved for their noise-canceling abilities. This makes them great for listening to audiobooks when you need a break from, or can’t read a traditional book.

gift for book lovers

Wool Socks


Technically any socks could be “reading socks,” but these especially soft and thick socks designed to be worn when you’re curled up with a book or on a cold night are perfect, especially if you’re trying to get in the hygge mood.

gifts for book lovers etsy

Chunky Wool Blanket

Wool Experts

A chunky knit wool blanket is the perfect way to cozy up with your book, a hot cup of tea, and spend a few hours. 

book lovers coffee mugs

Temperature Controlled Mug


For picky coffee and tea drinkers, this high-tech mug can keep your beverage at an exact temperature (between 120°F and 145°F). The mug stays warm up to an hour if unplugged, or all day if docked in its charging saucer. Perfect for keeping your drink hot while you read.

book lovers candles

Book Candle

Cosy Art London

As for what candle to burn while you read, what better scent than a bookish one. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of old books?  The Old Books smells of aged paper with vanilla overtones.  The Bookstore features leather and mahogany, and the Rainy Day Reads has fresh rain and lavender scents.  They’re a great way to create an atmosphere of hearth and home.

book lovers tote bags

Library Card Tote Bag

Out of Print Store

Everyone will want to stop and check out this stylish cotton library card tote bag. 

Book lovers decor

Library Card Pillows

Librarian and Book Lovers Gifts

Made to look just like a classic library checkout card, these cotton canvas pillows are the perfect addition to a cozy reading nook. 

book lovers ornaments

Library Card Ornaments

Delicious Accessories

These charming vintage library card ornaments will make a bookish addition to their Christmas tree. It’s a great alternative to a traditional book gift at a low price.

book lovers mug

Library Card Coffee Mug

Out of Print Store

They won’t be able to get enough of this cozy mug inspired by a vintage library card.

gofts for book lovers

Library Card Coasters

Cheltenham Road

Based on vintage due date cards and featuring classic children’s books, this set of four wood coasters is almost too cute to cover up with drinks. 

gifts for book lovers etsy

Classic Book Cover Art Print

Pimlico Prints

Get your favorite bookworm a shadow-boxed photo print of a first edition book cover, which look amazingly crisp and real, as each book is carefully photographed to retain original marks and wear and then remastered. If you’re looking for something a little more artistic, check out these book covers recreated on old book pages that will be a great addition to their wall art.  

Unique gifts for readers

Book Art

Craft Lively Lady

Put old books to good use with these art prints made from, you guessed it, books.  

Gifts for book lovers that aren’t books

Literature of the World Map

Poster Print Decor

Books allow you to travel the world without ever leaving home, and this beautiful literature of the world map (which you can order in several different sizes) will remind you of that. 

Custom Quote Book Covers

Hygge Method

Add a personal (and literary) touch to their home decor with these custom quote books that can be printed with any inspirational words you choose.

Gifts for readers 2021

Book Vase

Chronicle Books Store

This unique book-shaped ceramic vase is the perfect desk accessory or complement to their reading nook. (Pro tip: If you want to step up your gift-giving game, make sure to also get them a bouquet of flowers.)

Literary gifts

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Tim Federle

This clever liberations guidebook pairs cherished novels with both classic and cutting-edge cocktails. 

bags for book lovers

Classic Literature Rocks Glass

Greenline Goods

Help a reader toast to great literature with a pretty rocks glass featuring text from classic novels, such as  James Joyce’s Ulysses, H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, or Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote. 

gifts for book lovers

NovelTea Book Tins


These ornate metal tins are each inspired by a classic novel and given a punny tea-lover’s twist. Try The Picture of Earl Grey, Matcha Do About Nothing, War & Peach, and more.

Book gift ideas

Book Cookie Cutter

Arbi Design

The only thing sweeter than a good book? A freshly-baked cookie in the shape of the book. Treat your friend or family member to this whimsical cookie cutter—which comes in a variety of sizes, from two inches to six inches—and they’ll have lots of fun trying to recreate the covers of their favorite titles in frosting.

book lovers journal

The Book Lover’s Journal

Peter Pauper Press

With 216 pages, this can be their very own book to record any detail they want about the books they read over time, finally making it a little easier to keep track of what they read over the years.

book lovers journal

Book Journal


A true bookworm knows how hard it is to keep track of books, but this planner will help them remember all their favorite titles (and jot down all the books they want to read next!).  Also, check out our post on the Best Bullet Journals for more ideas.

For more journal ideas, look at our Stationery Gift Guide.

Inexpensive gifts for book lovers

The Bookworm Pencil Set

Ruff House Print Shop

Help get any aspiring author on the “write” track, thanks to this creative pencil set. Each of the No. 2 pencils is hand-stamped with a saying that’ll make any bookworm smile, including “Page One,” “Stop And Smell The Books,” and “Just One More Chapter.”

Inexpensive gifts for book lovers

Bookish Stickers

moehrenkunst Shop

If you like using a planner or journal and want to add a little bit of coziness to your set up, think about adding some stickers to your pages. 

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Writer Playing Cards

CoLaurence King Publishing

The next time they play a game of cards, they’ll get a kick out of this deck that’s illustrated with portraits of some of literature’s biggest names.  From James Joyce to Haruki Murakami, and many in between.

Gifts for Book Lovers

Literary Post Cards

Obvious State Studio

This collection from Penguin Books includes 100 postcards, each with a classic book cover.

book lovers t shirts

Book Lovers Scrabble


This version of Scrabble is like the regular version, with a few variations, such as the option to use author names.

Book Scarf


Words can never hurt you. In fact, this soft cotton literary scarf can keep you swaddled and warm all day. 

book lovers t shirts

Book Shoes


Bookworms will never want to take off these canvas slip-ons, which feature soft textile lining and elastic stretch for easy on-and-off use. 

book lovers gift ideas

Book Keychain

The Geek Retreat

With this mini-book keychain, the recipient can take their fave book with them wherever they go. When it comes to book-themed gifts this is pretty cute.

book lovers gifts

Book Locket


This delicate keepsake will always be close to their heart. 

gifts for book lovers

Book Passport Cover


I always have to listen to something when I write.  One of my favorite things is to find a Spotify playlist someone has made that might suit the type of work I’m doing at the moment.  And while Spotify is free, once I got a premium subscription (my husband and I share a family plan) it was life-changing (to be dramatic). You can skip as many songs as you want, listen without ads (because no one wants to hear a Toyota commercial right at the climax of their writing session), and you can

gifts for book lovers

Book Soap

Sweet Clicks

Available in several different scent and color options, these book-shaped soaps are cute and fun to look at.  Choose from a variety of classic books for your book covers.

book lovers subscription box

BookBrews Subscription Box


Nothing goes together quite like a cup of coffee—or tea—and a novel, and in a bar of chocolate and everything is perfect.  This subscription box includes all three. Choose from coffee or tea, or alternating each month, and your favorite book genre.

book lovers subscription box

The Wordy Traveler Subscription Box

The Wordy Traveler

If you know someone who loves travel as much as they love reading, then this is the subscription box for them. Each quarterly shipment includes books from travel writers and local authors, ethically-sourced tea, and an art print.

book lovers subscription box

Unplugged Book Box Subscription Box

Unplugged Book Box

Available in young adult or adult fiction boxes, each shipment of this book subscription service includes a whole host of self-care products from small, women-owned businesses and a newly-released book (plus author exclusives!). 

Though this list is long, it is by no means extensive.  You could buy a bookish shirt or tie, find their current favorite book and get a first edition (hopefully they really love that book), or shop around Etsy, Amazon, or Uncommon Goods to find more inspiration.  But hopefully this list of book lover gift ideas was helpful, and you found plenty of gifts, book themed or not, to give to your friends and family.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at you extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using the links. You can also see my full Disclosure and Terms and Conditions (you know, the real boring stuff).

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