There are addicts and then there are the stationery addicts! Wherever they go, their eyes are searching for some stationeries to buy and claim as their treasure. If you look at their collection, you’ll catch yourself questioning, ‘You could set up a shop with all this unused stationery!’ From a bullet journal, to washi tape, and a planner to a fountain pen, there are so many ideas of what to get your stationery lover. If you know any stationery addict, you should understand there is no greater gift for them than any kind of stationery item.

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So, here’s a guide of top gifts for stationery lovers.

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Gifts for Stationery Addicts

Best Stationery Gifts


Planners are a stationery lover’s staple. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different planner options, so it might be worth it to ask your friend or do a little research into their favorite planners. But, if your stationery lover is open-minded and ready to try any planner, here are a few of my favorite options.

Hobonichi Planers come in many different styles and are a favorite of many, especially Japanese stationery lovers. The paper is super thin which allows for small books and amazing journaling and drawing.

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Traveler’s Notebooks are another great option for a planner. The great thing about them is their versatility with many different inserts that are not just planners. It can be used as an all-around planning, organizing, and journalling system.

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Kokuyo Jibun Techo Planners are a super organization system from Japan. It’s not as well-known as the Hobonichi planners but, coming in many sizes and planning options, you can mix and match, giving yourself a full life planners system.

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The Erin Condren Lifeplanner is my last recommended planner (at least in this guide). It’s an American option that is loved by many for its personalization and customizable options. The paper is thick and smooth. You can get various layouts, size options, and designs to fit any style.

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Travelers Notebook

Hobonichi Planners

Traveler’s Notebooks

Kokuyo Jibun Techo
stationery for gifts

Kokuyo Jibun Techo

Erin Condren

best stationery gifts


Possibly an easier idea for stationey gifts are notebooks. Notebooks have fewer options to choose from than planners so you won’t have to ask as many questions of your giftee, but you can still choose from different options to.

stationery for gifts
stationery items for gifts

Kokuyo Campus

Bullet Journal

Travelers Notebook
stationery gifts ideas

Traveler’s Notebook


stationery gifts for teachers


Pens are the quintessential stationery gift. Not only are they inexpensive (unless you’re trying to get at the Mont Blanc level), but they’re always needed, and honestly, a stationery addict can never have too many pen options. Below I’ve listed a couple of my favorite options. They’re all from Japan, so if you’re not sure which one might be the best, take a look at our Japanese Stationery Guide to learn a little more about each.

But it’s a safe bet that your loved one will enjoy any of these pens. My personal recommendation is the Pilot Kakuno Fountain pen. It’s an inexpensive fountain pen that is beginner-friendly and uses cartridges instead of messy ink bottles.

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint
stationery stationery

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel

sakura gel roll

Pilot Kakuno Fountain

Sakura Gelly Roll

stationery gifts for kids


Of course, an alternative to pens is a pencil. Pencils are great for jotting in plans that may change or for sketching, or just for those that prefer them over pens. Here are 4 that I recommend.

Tombow 8900
Uni Kuru Toga

Tombow 8900

Uni Kuru Toga

stationery gifts for students
Pentel Orenz

Platinum Stainless Steel

Pentel Orenz

funny stationery gifts

Pencil Case

What are you going to do with all of your pens and pencils? Well, hopefully not lose them. But, here are a few pencil cases that I recommend to keep all of your stash safe.

Kokuyo Neo Critz
sun-star delde pouch

Kokuyo Neo Critz

Sun-Star Delde

Lihit Lab Pen Case
Lihit Lab Teffa

Lihit Lab SmartFit Punilabo

Lihit Lab Teffa

personalized stationery cheap

Paper Trimmers

Whether you’re looking to cut large pieces of paper, tare off some washi, or open your letters, you’ll need something to help. Here are 4 items that I really enjoy. They’re designed well, fairly compact, and are great options for stationery lovers out there.

teacher stationery gifts
Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Cutter

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter

Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Cutter

Kokuyo 2Way
Ohto Coro

Kokuyo 2Way Scissors

Ohto Coro Letter Opener

graphic stationery

Washi Tapes

Who doesn’t love washi tape? Whether you’re decorating your planner, adding some flare to gifts, adding some color your journal, or just being creative, washi tape is an inexpensive and great way to personalize whatever you want.

unique stationery gifts
embossed personalized stationery

Boba Washi Tape 

Copper Foil Tape Set 

cheap personalized stationery
cool stationery gifts

5 Colors Washi Tape Combo 

Travel Washi Set 

cute stationery gifts

Erasers and White Out

If you’re writing or drawing, you’ll need a way to erase your mistakes or make changes. Japan has some amazing eraser options and here are just a few. Choose from a pretty standard (though really nice) one, or a teeny tiny one to erase small lines and details in drawings. One with lots of edges so you’ll always have a sharp corner to erase on, or one that comes with a white out strip as well.

Tombow Mono
Tombow Mono Zero

Tombow Mono

Tombow Mono Zero

Tombow Mono 2Way
Kokuyo Mirikeshi

Tombow Mono 2Way

Kokuyo Mirikeshi

personalized stationery gifts


What’s there to say? Stickers add personality and flare to whatever you’re doing. Here are some that I enjoy, but make sure you look around etsy to see what other options they’ve got. They’re always adding new options and it can be hard to keep up!

stationery gifts sets
customized stationery

Magical Camping Sticker Sheet 

Cozy Winter Themed Sticker Sheet 

best stationery gifts
teacher stationery gifts

Winter Cabin Sticker Sheet 

Holiday Variety Icons Stickers 

Christmas gifts

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to allow your recipient to choose their own items. For things like stationery, personal preference plays a huge roll so giving them the opportunity to choose for themselves might just be the ticket.

gifts and stationery


stationery gifts

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books for book lovers

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are one of my favorite things to gift because you can choose a category of things you know your giftee will like, but give them a selection of items created by people who also have the same interests. So if you’re not into stationery and don’t even know what washi tape or bullet journals are, a subscription box might be the gift to choose this year.

graphic design stationery

Sticker Club

My Paper Box

stationery and gifts

Desk Stash

Cloth & Paper: The Planning and Stationery Box

stationery gifts for her
stationery lovers gifts

My Favorite Kawaii Stationery

The Inky Box

Hopefully, in this gift guide, you’ve found some stationery gift ideas for the stationery addict in your life. Stationery is a thoughtful gift for anyone but for those who love new pens, stickers, notebooks, and especially personalized stationery, this is a thoughtful and definitely appreciated gift for someone in your life.  Happy shopping.

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