Hobonichi just released their Spring 2022 lineup to go on sale Feb. 1 with some brand new products as well as new Spring start planners that begin April 1st.

Like always, Hobonichi releases Spring start planners that are available in the majority of planners that were available during previously releases. So instead of going through every single item that is available for purchase right now, I’m only going to talk about the specific new products that are releasing in Spring 2022. Click here to see everything that’s available from Hobonichi right now. And Here are all of the accessories available.

For a complete guide to Hobonichi Techo planners, read here.

Spring is almost here, when each day becomes warmer than the last and it becomes a joy to go outside. Some of you may greet the season with new challenges: find new things and places you love, start new hobbies, and try out things you’ve wanted to do for a while. The April-start Hobonichi Techo and accessories can prove a worthy ally this spring.



Hokusai –
Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

Hobonichi Spring 2022
Courtesy of 1101.com

“This collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum comes on the 150th year of the founding of the museum. Katsushika Hokusai’s Kajikazawa in Kai Province from his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series is featured on an A6 and A5 techo cover so you can fully enjoy its beautiful colors and composition in the way it depicts the power of nature.”

In 1830, when Hokusai turned 70 years old, he began work on the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series, including the famous The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The series depicts Mt. Fuji from a number of vantage points.

This print depicts Fuji River, which is located in Kajikazawa and known for its turbulent waters. In this print, a fisherman and his son appear to be pulling in fishing lines, battling against waves that crash against the rocks. Mt. Fuji is just visible behind a shroud of fog, outlined in shades of indigo. The techo cover’s glossy polyester material was chosen to best portray the print’s depiction of waves and splashing.
The back of the cover depicts Hokusai’s seal, which he used to sign his work, as well as his handwritten title of the piece.

This collaboration features planner covers in the Original A6 size and the A5 Cousin, as well as accessories.

Original A6 Cover

A5 Cousin Cover

Buy the A6 size Here.

Buy the A5 Cousin Here.


Hobonichi Spring 2022
275 Yen
Hobonichi Spring 2022
220 Yen for small A6 size. 330 Yen for large A4 size

This folder features the piece Fine Wind, Clear Morning from the Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji series. It’s a powerful design, with Mt. Fuji glowing in red against a blue background. The folders come in A6 or A4 size. This Japanese-style clear folder has different parts of the image printed on the front flap and the back flap, leaving only Mt. Fuji and Hokusai’s seal visible when placing a white piece of paper into the folder. The folder is printed with a striking shade of red, and goes well with the indigo hues of the “Kajikazawa in Kai Province” techo cover.

Hobonichi Spring 2022
3960 Yen

This postcard set was created by Benrido, a Kyoto printing company founded in 1887 that specializes in faithfully reproducing artworks using collotype. You can see every detail in the coloring and lines. The postcards also make an excellent art collection because they come in a dark red paper box and include a booklet of descriptions.

Hobonichi Spring 2022
2090 Yen

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Dogu? Haniwa?

This collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum comes on the 150th year of the founding of the museum.

Nicknamed Tohaku, the Tokyo National Museum collects, preserves, researches, exhibits, and educates the public about cultural artifacts from across Asia, with a focus on Japan. Currently, there are about 120,000 objects in its collection. This year’s collaboration includes a cute and cheerful Weeks book based on some of the collection’s most popular items: the Dogu and Haniwa artifacts. 


Hobonichi Spring 2022
2420 yen

This cute Weeks book features bright yellow necktie fabric lined with embroidered images of Dogu and Haniwa. Dogu and Haniwa are precious cultural artifacts of the Tokyo National Museum, and we’ve collaborated with the museum to create a Weeks book and offer some charming accessories to match. Can you tell which ones are Dogu and which ones are Haniwa?

Items from the collection of the Tokyo National Museum have been turned into illustrations that have then been embroidered into detailed images with beige, brown, and orange thread.
The cover has been constructed as a light hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends.

Shop for other Weeks planners Here.


Hobonichi Spring 2022
495 yen

First is a pack of Haniwa finger cots, with little faraway expressions that are irresistible. The back of the Haniwa design features a textured surface that makes it easier to turn pages, with the protruding parts of the design firmly grabbing onto the paper. They’re also soft and jiggly, so you can also sit them up on your desk to calm you down while at work.

Hobonichi Spring 2022
495 yen

These clips come in an easy-to-use size that can act as bookmarks in your techo or hold paperwork together, with one design shaped after Haniwa and the other shaped after Kofun, which are keyhole-shaped tombs. You can store them in your techo pocket or keep them clipped onto important pages. (*Not available for international shipping)

Hobonichi Spring 2022
440-1100 yen

There’s also Haniwa papercraft, which comes with assembly instructions. This product is from the merchandise collection of the Tokyo National Museum and features Haniwa that are at the museum. It includes Dancers (1/3 scale, difficulty level 4 out of 5), Armored Man (1/5 scale, difficulty level 5 out of 5), and Sitting Shrine Maiden (1/5 scale, difficulty level 5 out of 5.)

Surround yourself with Dogu and Haniwa this spring and spend 2022 with the archeological world by your side.

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Petite Roses

In a reference room of a fabric manufacturer sleeps a multitude of textiles collected from all around the world. There are textiles that are gorgeous but end up sleeping in the room without being used for a long time . . . The “Classic Fabric” series picks out attractive textiles from that collection to bring it back to life as a techo cover. 

The first cover joining the series is Petit Roses. The cute and delicate rose pattern was born in France more than a hundred years ago and is perfect for the buoyant mood of spring. 

Classic Planner Cover

Hobonichi Spring 2022
3520 yen

Cousin Cover

Hobonichi Spring 2022
4290 yen


Hobonichi Spring 2022
1760 yen

Tote Bag

Hobonichi Spring 2022
3850 yen

mina perhonen “piece”

The piece, series are patchwork covers assembled by hand using all the left-over pieces saved during the production of clothing for minä perhonen. The spring version of the piece, covers will come back this spring again with a calming colorway.

minä perhonen creates timeless, all-original garment textiles that are specially dyed, embroidered, and woven to recreate hand-drawn designs. They’ve chosen fabrics from an array of textiles from different seasons, materials, colors, and expressions especially for the Hobonichi Techo to create the piece, covers.
We’ve prepared a total of three types this time too: the A6 Original size, A5 Cousin size and the Weeks cover.

These are part of the lottery sales.

Classic Planner Cover

Hobonichi Spring 2022
16500 yen

Cousin Cover

Hobonichi Spring 2022
22000 yen

Weeks Cover

Hobonichi Spring 2022
24299 yen

365 Days- Spring Weeks Planner

This Weeks book has the full year calendar for 2022 printed right on the cover. The numbers, days of the week, and lines surrounding the calendars are written by Ryota Kisihida, the younger brother of writer Nami Kishida.

Ryota wrote these for us because he had also written the page numbers by hand in his older sister Nami’s book I Love My Family for Who They Are. Ryota, who has Down Syndrome, was unable to write, but practiced until he could write the page numbers for her book. Shigesato Itoi loved his charming writing so much that he asked Ryota to contribute his writing to the 365 Days Weeks cover as well.

WATCH: 2022 Hobonichi Weeks Planner Set Up

Hobonichi Spring 2022
2640 yen

If you liked this quick overview of the Hobonichi Spring 2022 release leave a comment telling me what you’re looking forward to purchasing or what other Hobonichi items you are going to stock up on next.


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