Here we are with another monthly favorites post.  I love reading what other people are into, probably weird, but I thought I would hop on this trend both to capture what I’m loving at the moment and to give others ideas of new products (or non-physical things) that I’m loving at the moment.


Place Visited



If you’re been following us, you know that Steve has been in Okinawa this past month. And while the kids and I have been in Tokyo, we decided to take a trip down to visit. We flew down on a military flight and spent the next seven days exploring the island. The kids and I loved the warmer weather, seeing the ocean, touching the sand, and spending time together.

Highlights of our Trip:

American Village

Okinawa Churami Aquarium

Gushikawa Castle Ruins

Vegan Ramen– Stripe Noodles

More Vegan food…– Rockers Cafe

Pork Tamago Onigiri

Parco City Mall


Harry Potter

In December I started rereading the Harry Potter series. This month I’ve read The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and started The Goblet of Fire. (I’ve also read a few other books too but keep coming back to Harry Potter). I have been really enjoying reading them again. It’s completely different than the first 75 times I read the series. This is the first time I’ve read them since having kids and being a “real adult” so I look at the characters and situations in a much different light. I have so many questions for Mrs. Weasley and the other parents, the professors, and the kids themselves. But, the one thing that matters is that I still really enjoy the writing and the story. I’m seeing new things in the story both as a reader and a writer and I may never get sick of reading them.





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At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ve been enjoying a gelato or two since Steve has been gone while enjoying my Netflix after the kids have gone to bed, or while reading my Harry Potter. This month was the first time I actually tried this gelato and I’m all for it. While usually I’m a fruit gelato connoisseur, the mint chocolate chip and double chocolate flavors might just make me change my mind.



Space “A” Flights

Space A

So if you know the term Space A you were or still are connected to the military. If so this little snippet is for you. If you aren’t connected to the military then, well, sorry, this isn’t going to be helpful. When we traveled to Okinawa in January we took Space A flights from Yokota to Kadena. While we were taking a risk of there possibly not being any seats available for us it worked out perfectly.

Not only was it free for us to fly, but I didn’t have to make it from Fussa to Haneda or Narita with 2 kids, a suitcase, a stroller, and 2 car seats by myself. I drove the mile and a half to the terminal on base, got on the flight, and Steve picked us up just a couple of miles from his hotel on Kadena.

For us it was a great introduction to Space A because it was very little risk. If we didn’t make it on the flight at either end we could just go back to our house or Steve’s hotel. And we weren’t going to be out any money for anything booked on the other side.


Disinfecting Wipes


Without fail my kids get sick whenever we travel. It’s like their favorite souvenir is a running nose and chesty cough and they make it their mission to share it with me. I thought I had been doing a good job of teaching them to be germ-free but then I saw Andrew picking up his gummies, with his mouth, directly from his tray table… so, clearly we haven’t mastered that one yet. Plus with the addition of the Corona Virus in Asia I can’t stress enough how important it is to try to disinfect your area especially on planes. I love these wipes because not only do they disinfect the tray table for your toddler to eat off of, but it’s kid-friendly and he’s not going to be poisoned from the bleach or whatever else is usually in disinfectants.




So I’ve always been a pen and paper or Word Doc type of writer. But then I wrote a novel in November and had a massive idea to basically merge that story with one I had already written. So, that means I have 2 novels (or almost novels) worth of words that I need to sort through and organize to make something that resembles a story. So, with Scrivener, I can create chapters as I go through each of the novels separately. And instead of needing to search around through massive Word Docs, I can just rearrange the chapters that I’ve labeled.

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So technically this isn’t what I’m listening to, but how I’m listening. I was nicely gifted some AirPods from Steve for Christmas. It was one of those gifts that when I saw them I was furious. I thought they were a waste of money because I have perfectly working headphones that I’d gotten FOR FREE with my phone (and many pairs if I’m being honest). I didn’t think I’d use them and I was annoyed at how much he’d spent on me. But… then I started using them. I have suddenly moved from the 1990s with my corded phone and I’m a teenager walking around the room without being held back. I have used them for business meetings while I’m holding Amelia and she doesn’t grab the cord and pull them out of my ears so I suddenly can’t hear what someone was saying to me. I have used them jogging on the treadmill and don’t accidentally throw my phone and the belt when I hit the cord. I can do burpees without my phone either stuck in my bra or awkwardly in a pocket that it doesn’t really fit. And I can listen to podcasts while doing the dishes or folding the laundry without my phone in the way right next to me and a cord to get tangled in. Now I might be putting way too much happiness in these AirPods but I use them every day and they really were a great Christmas present.


If you love any of the items I mentioned above let me know! Or, tell me what else I should be trying out.  I’m always looking for recommendations.






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