We often stay in hotels with Andrew.  Whether it’s a week vacation, a weekend away or just an overnight, we have definitely racked up some hotel time. Staying with a baby brings it’s own challenges. But these challenges shouldn’t keep you from getting away from home or having a good time.  We put together a list of must-haves for staying in a hotel with a baby.  With a little preparation your adventures will be even more fun now that you bring baby along.

I’ve put together a list of must-haves. These will hopefully help you to keep your travels smooth and be prepared for most eventualities. For more packing help, visit our packing page.

Before we even go into our list, you should think about where you’re going and where you are going to stay.  Because that changes what you need to pack with you.  I like using Booking.com to check out hotels in the area we’d like to travel. You can see photos of the hotel and the rooms to see how baby-friendly they are. And you can read reviews using a filter to look at how other families thought of the property. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing my family will be happy and safe there.

Must-Haves for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

1, Pack n Play 

If you’re driving you can probably bring your own, but if not (or you just don’t have the room) call ahead to your hotel to make sure that they have one available to you. 

2. Travel bottle drying rack

I love this for our hotel stays.  This makes it easy to wash Andrew’s bottles and let them dry completely. 

3. Toys

Obviously you’re going to need some entertainment

4. Fridge or ice bucket

These are not really something you’re going to bring with you but it’s good to check that there’s one or the other available to you. 

5. Blankets

If baby is crawling or just needs to roll around, I’d suggest putting some blankets on the floor.  Who knows how much those floors are cleaned.  Definitely put something down before letting baby play.

6. Disinfecting wipes

The floors aren’t the only thing dirty. You can use these to wipe down surfaces in your room.  You can also wipe off toys when you don’t have soap and water.

7. Baby kitchen utensils

You’re going to need to feed baby, won’t forget the baby spoons.

8. Phone or iPad or computer

this could be entertainment for baby or for yourself.  I love reading and while I typically like physical books, it’s hard to justify carrying the weight of books when you’re already bogged down with baby stuff.  I like to get free books on my iPad with my kindle membership so I can get some reading in while on the road. 

9. Headphones

Usually, you need to keep baby to your schedule even when traveling. That means early bedtimes. If staying in a standard one-room hotel, that means you’re hanging out in the dark, trying to be quiet while the little one is snoozing.  You probably don’t want to use the TV as it is probably too bright and will be too loud for sleeping in such a small room.  I like to bring my headphones to use on my iPad if I want to watch videos.

10. Painters tape

This is easy to stick in your bag and doesn’t take up much room. This is more for if baby is very mobile and might get into some trouble. Those loose cords are tempting.  You can also use the tape to secure a washcloth or towel to sharp corners if they might be a danger to foreheads or eyeballs. Another thing to try is to put a washcloth around a door if you have connecting rooms. We don’t want any pinched fingers or accidentally locked doors.

11. Laundry bag or plastic bag 

If your kid is like mine, most of the time our dirty clothes is really dirty. It probably has poop or spit up or just food that didn’t make it to his mouth.  I don’t want them touching our clean clothes so I keep them separate in a plastic bag.

12. Outlet Covers 

Like painter’s tape, these are pretty small and easily fit inside your bag.  You can protect curious fingers from outlets that are placed conveniently for your phones and your baby’s eye line.


This is by no means an exhaustive list.  But, for us, these seem to be the basics that make our hotel stay easier and less worrisome. I hope this list of must-haves for staying in a hotel with baby has helped you or given you some ideas that you haven’t already thought of. 

Is there anything you always take on your hotel stays with a baby?  Let me know in the comments!

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