When I was thinking of all of my winter and Christmas post ideas I kept coming back to this one. I’ve traveled a bit during the winter months and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my favorite places to travel in winter.

There are definitely places not on this list that are must-sees during the winter or Christmas time. I just did a post talking about some of the best places to visit during Christmas but these are my favorites (and they aren’t directly correlated to Christmas, it could just be a nice winter getaway!)


What’s not to like: amazing frozen landscapes, the Aurora Borealis, natural hot springs, warm tasty comfort foods. It’s one of my favorite places to go in the winter months. An additional bonus is this expensive country is drastically cheaper during these months because… not many people are crazy like me and want to experience 22 hours of night.

South Island, New Zealand

So when I say winter I don’t mean December.  For the South Island of New Zealand I mean their winter. I can get away with this technicality, right?  Yes, I am the owner of this blog so I will allow it.  I love that I can go from a typical summer in July that I’m used to, to a winter wonderland.  The mountains are majestic any time you visit but in the winter they take on a completely different beauty.

Brisbane, Australia

Again, going during the winter months for the southern hemisphere is a great option for Brisbane because it’s still warm, though less so than in their summer, and a great option to travel during the less crowded time. Brisbane is right on the Ocean, close to the super popular Gold Coast, a quick flight south to Sydney, or North to Cairns where you can experience the Great Barrier Reef.

People in the know know that Japan is the place for winter sports in Asia.  With mountains everywhere you look, high snow falls, and plenty of ski areas, people flock to Japan to get on the slopes.  Even if you’re not a skier, Japan is beautiful in winter.  It’s less expensive than in the more crowded summer months (and less humid), and there is plenty to do around Christmas with the winter illuminations, Christmas festivals, and obviously amazing food.


I mean, it’s Colorado.  Between all of the ski areas within a few hours of each other, the beautiful mountains, and the craft beer obsession, Colorado is a place I will always come back to in the winter.


Orlando? Yes, Orlando.  If you need an escape from the cold but don’t want to leave North America, what better place.  Besides, if you’re interested in going to Disney, the winter months (besides those school breaks) is a great time.  January, February, and March are all great times to visit for lower crowds and cooler temperatures.

New York City

I’m not the first person to say New York is captivating in winter.  The city during Christmas makes me think of the movie Elf (or just about any movie set during Christmas).  It’s magical, and lit up, and covered in snow.  You can also usually find prices to be a little cheaper during these months and most people want to wait until it’s a little warmer. Just stay away from popular times right around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.


You might see from this list that my favorite winter destinations really center around the mountains.  But what is better than a snow-capped mountain?  And Switzerland is exactly the same.  Add in some amazing Christmas Markets with hot food and drinks and I might never leave.


Japan has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend winter. Not only is it where I currently live, but it’s an absolute winter paradise. With mountains, quaint towns, and wonderful large cities that scream Christmas in the winter, I love spending time here. It helps that I really enjoy snowboarding and staying in the mountains. But even if you aren’t a fan of the mountains there are so many other things you can do in the winter in Japan. This post will help give you some inspiration for your next trip to Japan.

Like I said, there are so. many. more places to visit in winter (and I have a post about that HERE) but these are some of my favorite.

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