newborn diaper bag

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  1. This is a great checklist! I have learned that you can NEVER have enough diapers! I love the backpack style…wish I would have gotten that type when my son was little!

  2. These are exactly the same things I used to carry in my diaper bag, except I breastfed my son (he HATED formula!) so I had nipple cream and an extra bra (you’d be surprised how many times I had to change it haha)

  3. I had a very similar experience the doctor’s office, but I ran out of wipes! These are great suggestions for the diaper bag. I’m using Aquaphor with my son because he has some dry skin on his face and it works wonders!

    1. Oh no! I have only run out of wipes once, but luckily it was in a bathroom. Still an ordeal but I could at least sort out some toilet paper without anyone watching me!

    1. Yes! We have been doing so well and haven’t had any explosions while out, until this weekend! Then there was a complete mess all over both of us. That dry bag was amazing.

  4. As a mom of a newborn, I truly appreciate your post. Well thought out and nicely organized. Time to get my diaper bag ready for our first outing

  5. I keep a muslin wrap and pram clips in my bag, if you want them to nap you don’t want them to be overstimulated. They are so useful. I never used bottles, dummies or formula so it makes a lot more room in my bag, but definitely nipple cream and spit up rag/ cloth. I am having my 5th baby in March and sometimes I still forget things!

    1. That’s a great idea! I always had to use bottles/formula and felt like I had to bring a whole kitchen every time we left the house so I’m jealous of all the room you had in your bag. And congratulations on baby number 5!

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