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Are you looking to travel carry-on only? Do you want to find a way around TSA liquid rules? Then you need to try out some solid toiletries for travel. 

It’s such a pain to need to take out so many bottles, have spills in your bag, or find bottles small enough to be legal.  This might mean you have to leave things behind.

There are plenty of options out there for solid toiletries, obviously, you can find bar soap almost anywhere, but solid shampoo and conditioner are a little harder to find. So I go with Lush.

Benefits of taking solid toiletries

  1. They last longer. If I take 3 oz of shampoo, it might last me a week if I’m being conservative. A solid shampoo that doesn’t take up any more room than a 3 oz. bottle can last me 6-8 weeks depending on how long my hair is at the time. 
  2. Less messy
  3. No need to worry about quantity for airport security
  4. More eco-friendly.  I try to be ecofriendly when I can. I am by no means an expert and the pure fact that I fly so much makes me pretty un-green.  But, the lack of packaging and the way these products last so long definitely is a step in the right direction. 

Want more Packing Help?  We’ve got you covered.

Solid Toiletries to Make Carry-On only Easier

Toothy Tabs

Toothy Tabs

These honestly take some getting used to.  When I first tried them I really didn’t like the feeling.  After a few tries it was easier. 

They don’t foam like real toothpaste does so it feels weird. They’re gritty and a little strange tasting when you’re used to mint your whole life.

But give them a try. It’s great to not need to bring a small tube of toothpaste. They also whiten my teeth really well and make my mouth feel clean. 

If you’re buying in-store (and I definitely recommend a visit to one), ask for a sample at checkout so you can test out a flavor before buying a whole bottle.

I have personally used and definitely recommend:

  • Dirty– Spearmint and neroli
  • Miles of Smiles -Minty flavor. Good option for first time users.
  • Oral Pleasure- Passion fruit
  • Bling- Orange
  • Limelight– (above) Lemon-lime
  • Atomic- ground spice. Might take some getting used to.

Solid Shampoo

I was skeptical about this at first.  I didn’t think it would feel as good or work as well as normal shampoo but the bars from Lush work great.

They suds like real shampoo and they smell wonderful.  They have some great scents and last much longer than 3 oz. of liquid shampoo.

Like I said above, I could use one of these bars for 6-8 weeks.

I have used:

  • Montablano– (shown above) to help give hair shine. Smells of fresh lemon, olives and rosemary.
  • Karma Komba- To help smooth knotty hair. Smells like orange, pine, and patchouli oil.
  • Godiva- Moisturizing for dry hair. Smells like jasmine.

Solid Conditioner

This is the only product I’m not 100% behind. More like 80%…  The Conditioner smells great, it travels well, and it lasts a long time.

However, if you have long hair, it might not get you the same soft feeling or detangle that liquid conditioner can give you. 

I would still suggest it because it works, but if you have very tangly hair or just can’t stand not the feeling of not conditioning you might not like it.  Definitely try it out though.

I’ve used and recommend these bars:

  • Big- For big volume and shine. Mad from coconut oil, seaweed and smells of jasmine and vanilla.
  • Jungle- To soften and tame wild hair. Made with cocoa butter, fresh mashed bananas, and avocados as well as figs, kumquats and passion fruit.

Solid Body Lotion

LUSH lotion bar

I love how these lotions feel.  When putting them on, especially the body bar, it can almost feel like a massage because you have to press down on your skin to get it to rub in. 

It can be really nice after a day of walking around traveling and needing a little pampering. 

I’ve used and loved these body bars:

  • Wiccy Magic Muscles– Soothing bar with peppermint and cinnamon.
  • Therapy-(Shown Above)- orange, neroli and lavender scents.
  • Each Peach– Citrus scented with avocado and mango butters.
  • Tender is the Night- Smells of vanilla, jasmine, and ylang ylang oil.
  • Peace- Lavender and chammomile scents.

Solid Perfume

LUSH solid perfume

I’ve had perfume leak in my luggage more often than any other liquid toiletry.  It’s not always a bad thing, I mean, I like the smell of my perfume, but in such concentration on my socks or pant leg isn’t the greatest. 

These perfume sticks help with that.  They smell great and give you a little fresh smell without you needing to worry about leakage.

Popular scents:

Solid body soap

LUSH Body Soap

Bar soap is far from revolutionary.  You can either pick up an old standby like Dove or Dial, or you can choose one from Lush.  They have amazing scents.

Solid Laundry Detergent

There are two options for this, one is a powdered kind that you can either pick up in travel sizes or dispense from a larger box you have a lot. 

Or you can pick up some laundry sheets. They dissolve in your wash and will help freshen your clothes on the go.

Solid Bug Spray

Bug Spray is horrible smelling when you have to put it on your body.  It’s even worse if it leaks in your clothes.  These solid bug spray options work just as well—orbetter than liquid bug spray.  They might be your new go-to even at home. The only drawback is it’s for 3 years and over.  So if you have younger ones you might need to still bring standard bug spray.

Other Essentials

When traveling with solid products, you need something for them to travel in. You can always go the inexpensive route and just put them into separate plastic baggies, but you can also get tins from Lush that are perfectly sized to hold them, and are nice looking too. 

If you’re trying to pack less, ease the annoyance of liquid restrictions, or just try something new,  you should definitely use solid toiletries for travel

Have you ever tried solid toiletries, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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