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A Wandering Scribbler is a quality, creative travel and stationery resource that inspires creatives to find new products and resources for their planning and journaling needs and help them travel to places that will inspire them while catering to their specific travel style.  We provide destination information, travel stories and practical information to help inspire creatives to travel as well as new ways to capture their adventures on paper. We are dedicated to producing the best quality, honest content to our readers to both help them and cultivate trust.

Between our websites and our social media channels, A Wandering Scribbler is a great way to reach tens of thousands of creatives and stationery lovers. In addition to our site, readers find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

From our site to our social media channels to the interaction we have with other families, we can help promote and maximize your brand’s exposure to our audience.

Please note: I receive dozens of requests a day and although I read all of them, I do not have time to respond to all of them. If you do not get a response, assume I am unable to work with you at this time.

About us

We have been travelling for many years and have visited over 65 countries. Our founder, Mackenzie, has an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University where, in addition to honing the craft, she spent five summers studying the literary culture of Paris, Ireland, Prague, Berlin, Greece, and Rome during the Low-Residency program. Adding on her own travels, Mackenzie has gained an appreciation of the unique literary tradition of each country around the world. Having always been a lover of stationery, Mackenzie’s appreciation for it has dramatically increased since she started calling Japan home. She decided to create a resource for like-minded creatives who love all things stationery, creativity, and of course, literature.

What we can do for you

Between our blog and social media channels, we can promote you to our readers each month. We take pride in delivering the best quality content to our readers. The exposure and influence we can provide your brand will help ensure that our readers think of you first when looking for a new product or planning their next trip.

For exact numbers check out our media kit.

How we can work together

There are many ways you can work with A Wandering Scribbler from reviews to advertising. We are also available for press trips. Here are some more details about the main ways brands choose to work with us, but we will consider other options too.

1. Press Trips

Want to attract more travelers to your destination? Then let us share it with the world!

We love exploring new places and having new experiences and sharing these with our readers. Having us share our personal experiences increases your online exposure and brand awareness in a way that connects with people. Many families take action after reading our recommendations. We also use the best SEO techniques to ensure that our reviews appear in Google search results.

If you invite us to your destination, we will write quality reviews with photographs and share our experiences both on our blog and across social media. We also write for other publications and can share our experiences on these outlets as well.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Increase your destination awareness – ensure our readers think of your destination next time they are planning their trip.
  • Increased search engine visibility – we are highly skilled at SEO and give our articles the best chance of ranking in search engines. We often rank  in the first page for relevant search terms). Our articles also help improve your own search engine ranking.
  • Reach a targeted audience – our audience is primarily travelling families from the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK who travel and have high disposable incomes.
  • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles are on our site forever. They will continue to influence readers for years to come.

2. Competitions

We can promote your product via a competition.

We can run competitions on our website that can match your goals – whether that’s to drive more readers to your website, more email subscribers or more interaction and followers across your social media, we can help you achieve that. We give competitions maximum exposure across our website and social media.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Exposure and increased brand awareness – reach thousands of new customers
  • More email subscribers and social media followers
  • Increased search engine results as social media interaction is one of the ways to improve your rankings.

3. Product Reviews

We can promote your products – whether they are physical products or online.

We will write a full review and promote this across social media. You can see examples here and here.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Increased brand awareness and visibility – reach thousands of new customers
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles are on our site forever. They will continue to influence readers for years to come.

4. Sponsored posts

We can promote your travel related brand.

We can write an article about your brand or a destination with a mention of your brand. These articles can be promoted across social media.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure
  • Increased search engine rankings (this occurs even with nofollow links)

5. Advertising

We can promote your travel related brand via advertising.

You can advertise on our home page, sidebar, footer or within an article (will be marked as an advertisement).

Benefits of working with us:

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure
  • Generate click-throughs to your site

Contact us to see our advertising options.

6. Brand Ambassadors

If you are a brand that we love and trust then we can promote your brand on a regular basis across our site and social media.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Increasing exposure and brand awareness.
  • Brand association – our readers will associate you with our trusted brand.
  • Continual influence – regular promotion across our social media and site.
  • Continual content marketing – our reviews and articles are on our site forever. They will continue to influence readers for years to come.

Contact us for more information or to get started.

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